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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Mehndipur Balaji Temple

Don't believe in ghost..?

  You will, after visiting Mehndipur Balaji Temple..

Do u believe in the power of unknown? Have you ever experienced the closed encounter of the third kind? How many of u will actually like to travel to experience it in real?

And  if the answer to the any of the questions above is yes then you are at the right place.Most of us watching horror movie late night think we are invicible.Well let me rupture your thought right there.I am assured that nothing can be more horrifying than witnessing a ocean of humans(possessed with evil spirits) under one roof. Where you
would ask?
The mythological Mehndipur Balaji Temple which is believed to be the only spritual place where live exorcism takes place.I heard lots of myth about this temple as earlier  i don't beleive in the third kind, but once i got a chance to visit the temple with one of my friend.Now it was my curiosity to unveil the dark truth..   goose bumps.....!!!  m i going to regret later..?  will be discovering it soon..

mehdipur balaji
Early morning view of  Balaji Temple

Spectral journey begins...

One fine evening we started our journey from lucknow, took a train for Agra Cantt, We reached at Agra at around  10 P.M  ,  after having our dinner we decided to start our journey from Agra to Mehndipur which is pretty straightforward to Mehdipur Balaji village(district-dausa). we took a private bus as other options were not available at that time, so after two and a half hour journey we arrived at the entrance gate of Temple.Like a typical village scene at 3 A.M  it was also the same with few chai and snacks shops open, footfall was more as it was Saturday, Though it was hot summer's, instead when we reached the gate of the temple  ,  suddenly we  feel that  we have got a change in the vibes, as we felt a little drop in the temp. We booked a hotel room near the gate of temple  to get ourselves freshed to attend the morning aarti.

Now it is early morning 5A.M, we went near the gate of the temple, OMG..  "it is so crowdy"  I exclaimed.. there were so many people standing outside the gate of the balaji temple ready for the aarti  making a chaos, with petty shopkeepers selling prasads. Ironically  prasads sold here are not meant to eat or  take away to home that defines the eerie sprituality of this temple. Isn't that strange..?

mehndipur balaji
morning aarti at  balaji temple

it is 6A.M now , aarti began, with huge round of crowds singing with music of loudspeaker and to my surprize what i saw made me completely out of mind, as there were  few people standing near the outer grills of temple  possessed with evil spirits doing some unsual acts like banging their head on grill, dancing like a lunatic, hanging themselves on the edge, singing like a crazzy,it was my  very first experience which shook my soul so intensely that i felt  like leaving the place immediatly  but  my feind convinced me and consoled me to stay right there.

Spritual Place full of evil spirits.....

After morning aarti we headed towards a kilometer and a half queue to the main entrance of  temple, as i stepped inside i realised the eeriness of the temple in its architechture.It is broadly divided into four chambers.The first two chambers were of  Lord Balaji(Lord Hanuman) and Bhairon, for which it took us around three hours after joining the queue bus as soon as we entered the third chamber that was of Pretraj Maharaj(god of evil spirits) fear got a hold on me, i felt a very strong presence of negative vibes around me...  as if someone was following me,Men and women were banging there head on pillars, some scratching their hair, some were lying and rolling on the floor without feeling any pain , people here beleive that when these possessed people get a call from balaji they do such kind of things.the sight was enough for me to give goosebumps...!  

evil spirits at balaji
people possesses by evil spirits

As if this wasn't enough for me  , the fourth chamber  where  everyone  usually  dont  go, left me speechless,my friend who once visited earlier too got scared. " I saw adults and  childrens and women were tied to a chain were beaten by  pundits ". It is believed that this practise is follwed everyday to get rid off the evil spirits from the bodies of possessed people, these people were  treated with much more cruelty which was enough to make me deep think behind the myths of the temple.Without spending much time we left the chamber immediately.

This bring our frightened visit to temple at end, we waited till the evening to  have the aarti at 7 P.M, after morning and evening aarti, the panda of the temple sprankle the sacred water of Lord Balaji in the crowd, people viciously cross each other to have a single drop of that water which is basically the only prasad of the temple.

evil spirits all around you 

Shaken by the terror and inhuman cruelties which is  very common at this place  i could only say to my friend  that " I think I should regret or just pray after leaving the temple,as it was doom scary".Although  it was a huge relief for me after leaving the place but those few hours in the temple premises was the most disturbing experience of my life.

At Balaji everything comes under  spritual or superstitious beleif. So here are the few do and dont's at the temple

balaji temple do's and dont's
experience yourself.

Believe me , anyone who decides to go there must pray  constanty to come back safe and sound. Now I dare you....are you planning ...?  keep me posted friends..